The owners of La Rivera farm are two friends and third generation coffee growers, who one day decided to create a farm focused on harvesting and producing high quality coffee from exotic varieties. Their intention was to incentivize the consumption of top-quality coffee in Colombia, while becoming a reference in the local coffee scene.

In this pursuit of quality, Julio have employed a full time Q Grader, to help them guarantee consistency over time, by controlling each variable of the coffee process and asses the end results in the cup. Additionally, in order to better understand the characteristics of their coffee and the client needs, Julio and Andrés have trained themselves as baristas.

Today, La Rivera farm is a successful enterprise and a force of positive impact in the region, employing 30 people full time and other 50 part time (especially vulnerable elderly people and single mothers).

Caturra Culturing Process
The culturing process is a method used by fermentation professionals across different industries, where a base culture of microorganisms helps transform flavors and aromas of a specific product (one example being the yogurt). In la Rivera farm this process has been implemented in the fermentation of the “culturing coffee”, according to the following steps:
• We begin with the preparation of the starter culture based on yeast, lactobacillus, sucrose, pineapple fructose and tangerine, among other fruits. This raw material is pure and selected fruit without artificial flavors.
• This culture is left to ferment on closed tanks for 8 days controlling temperature and PH until reaching ideal conditions.
• Parallelly, the cherries are picked at the optimum maturity level, with zero tolerance for unripe cherries. Afterwards, these are submerged in a tank with water at 15ºC - 20ºC to wash unwanted bacteria and remove low density beans (floaters).
• The selected cherries are pulped and then fermented for 48 hours inside an open tank to reach the desired temperature, PH and Brix measurement.
• Once both the starting culture and the coffee have reached their ideal conditions, they are mixed in closed tanks to begin a 180 hours anaerobic fermentation.
• Finally, the coffee is taken out of the tanks, washed and put in a greenhouse style solar drying structure for a slow drying process of approximately 15-20 days, until the moisture level reaches 11.5%.
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Macro: 8681672009137

ProducerJulio C. Madrid, Andrés Quiceno
FarmLa Rivera
ProcessWashed (lacto fermented)
Altitude1600 - 1750 masl
RegionRisaralda, Santa Rosa de Cabal
Sourced byAmativo

Cupping Notes

Peachy, floral, yellow fruits, silky