José Bernabé Martínez inherited the farm from his mother, Faustina Ramos Martínez in 1980. The farm originally was used for subsistence harvesting corn and beans. In 1980 Jose planted his first coffee seedlings, and has dedicated 37 years to growing high quality coffee in the San Pedro Necta Region of Huehuetenango.

The weather patterns in Huehuetenango are normally drier than what Finca Limonar experienced in 2016/2017. In fact Finca Limonar experienced a really heavy rainy season.

José has learned a lot by working closely with agronomers. The experience has helped him refine his processing techniques from when to pick the coffee to best practices at the pulping and drying stages of the process. This passion and attention reflects itself in the cup. We’d like to thank José for all the effort and passion, and also Coffee Bird for sourcing us this beautiful coffee.

Kahve El Limonar, Guatemala
Farmer José Bernabé Martinez
Farm Finca El Limonar
Variety Catuaí, Caturra, Bourbon
Process Fully washed
Rakım 1650 m
Shade Trees Chalum, Cushin, Paterna
Sourced By Coffee Bird
Region Huehuetenango
Hasat 2017

Cupping Notes

Red plum, butter, toffee, white grape