The plantation is located on the northeastern slope of the Santa Ana volcano. The plantation has been in the family of the farmer, Roberto Ulloa, for 3 generations.

The best asset of this farm is the extremely high fertility of the volcanic soil. It's an ideal mix of loamy-sandy-clay soil.

The farm is covered with shade trees of the Inga species, which are nitrogen fixing plants (which helps fertilize the soil). This addition of nitrogen rich organic matter provides an ideal topsoil for growth of a healthy root system.

Coffee El Matazano Natural,El Salvador
Farmer Roberto Ulloa
Variety Sarchimor
Process Sundried natural
Altitude 1200 m
Soil Volcanic
Shade Tree Inga
Sourced By Rufatti Battle
Region Santa Ana
Harvest 2017

Cupping Notes

Cherry, noisette chocolate, creamy, tobacco, malt