Shebera Shonora is a 32 year old coffee farmer who started producing coffee in Guji around the town of Gerba 10 years ago. Shebera is related to Abiyot from Buno General Trading and so they decided to work together to export Sheberas coffee directly. Shebera is passionate about producing clean fruity naturals and this clearly shows in the cup. Having recently purchased land near his father’s washing station, he decided to plant coffee on 4 hectares of land. Shebera also markets coffee from a processing station that he finances in Gerba and process it with great care. Harvesting takes place from late November to February, given the altitude cherries will take longer to mature than other coffees in the area. The main varieties grown at the farm are 74140 and 74112, which are selections of local heirloom varieties.

FarmerShebera Shonora
Altitude1900 - 2300 masl
Sourced byFalcon Specialty

Cupping Notes

Floral, blueberry, papaya, chocolate