The zone of Guji has been getting attention over the last few years. Korcha processing station found at Shakisso of Guji district having 420 registered farmers that supply cherry to this site.

The small landholders in the area have properties ranging in altitude from 1900m to 2050 masl. These altitudes considered as the suitable one to produce the best quality coffee from this site.

A focused effort on spreading compost and deadfall on each tree is very feasible. At harvest time, when it comes to picking, the family is all involved, and the cherry is laid out on the property after picking and before submission to the washing station. The coffee is picked through to ensure that only ripe cherry is included. Again, perfect sorting is possible because the cherry can be spread out in one thin layer for evaluation.


The farmers under linked with this station receive technical help on good agricultural practices by the Guji Highlands Agronomist on the basic pre-harvesting, harvesting and post harvesting process to deliver high quality cherry.

Ripe cherries are delivered to the wet mill for careful sorting and drying is undertaken on the raised beds for three to four weeks.

After checking the proper moisture, the dried pods stored with jute bags and stored in the warehouse. Then the hulling is done at the interior and shipped to Addis for export processing to the Guji Highlands dry mill.

For the upcoming season, there is a plan to install washing machine to process high quality washed coffee.

Altitude1900 - 2050 masl
RegionGuji / Oromia
Sourced byFalcon Specialty

Cupping Notes

Sweet citrus, black currant, maple syrup, buttery