Thanks to dry, hot winds that blow from Mexico’s Tehuantepec plain, the Highland Huehuetenango region is protected from frost, which allows for cultivation at extreme altitudes of beans with a fine intense acidity, full body and delightful wine notes present in each of our coffees.

Female Coffee Growers Project
Huehuetenango, Guatemala

“Women Coffee growers are the example of development and solidarity in Huehuetenango” is the title of a recent article in the national newspaper that called my attention. Reading this article made our most recent project supporting and encouraging female lead coffee farms even more important. Seeing the current trends in immigration to cities and the USA has left much of the coffee land abandoned. It was after realizing that it is mostly the males that take off, we decided to invest in Women, once the keepers of the home, and now also the keepers of the coffee plantations.

As an outsider, Coffee growing is seen as a male dominated field, yet once we analyzed how much time and resources women spend on supporting their families and plots of land, we quickly realized it was in them that we needed to invest. Over this past year, we have developed a program that supports female growers with micro loans, technical assistance in the fields as well as the knowledge of our best wet mill managers in order to help them continuously improve the quality of the coffee they produce.

Once the top female growers were identified, we have also secured them with longer term contracts on their coffees and reward them with higher prices as an incentive to take on the more male dominated lead role in the coffee growing communities around Huehuetenango.

Thank you to these wonderful Women!

Coffee Finca Los Recuerdos
Farm Owner Aura Escalante
Farm Los Recuerdos
Variety Caturra, Bourbon
Process Kenyan-style washed
Altitude 1600 – 1650 m
Soil Limestone
Region Huehuetenango
Country Guatemala
Harvest 2017

Cupping Notes

Thyme, medlar, oolong tea, live and clean