Eduviges Rodriguez Lopez is a first-generation coffee producer in Huehuetenango region. During the harvest Eduviges makes sure only the ripest cherries are picked and usually it means in total of three passes on his farm. The cherries are being de-pulped on the same day of the picking and left to ferment in water for 36 hours. After the fermentation the coffee is washed with clean water and dried on a patio in the sun for five days. The name of Eduviges’s farm comes from the beautiful view what the farm has over the neighboring areas of Concepcion Huista. “Vista Hermosa” means “Beautiful View”. THOUGHTS FROM THE PRODUCER “I started working in coffee the first time 30 years ago with my father. Me, my father and my brother divided the lands together and planted little by little more coffee plants on our lands. That is how we learned the most of coffee producing and nowadays have developed our practices”, explains Eduviges.

FarmerEduviges Rodriguez Lopez
FarmVista Hermosa
VarietyCaturra & Red Pache
ProcessWashed, sundried on Patio
Altitude1.675 - 1.750 masl
RegionPetatán, Huehuetenango
Sourced byPrimaVera

Cupping Notes

Hazelnut, chocolate wafer, white grape