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For the first time we are also buying some limited amounts of wet hulled coffee. We have generally been very sceptic to this kind of preparation and drying. That was actually why we started to buy from Frinsa in the first place, as they were focused on fully washed and properly drying in parchment. The wet hulled method is something that are widely used in Indonesia for the general commodities. They basically remove the parchment while the coffee is still wet and finish off the drying in greens. This do create another flavor profile for sure, they can be good and very intense and characteristic, but often becomes too rough. But Wildan believes that if you find the right method, and do it with care you can produce something unique and really good. And what we cupped was tasting very good and different from everything else. And we are excited to have this in stock for the first time ever.

ProducerWildan Mustofa
FarmFrinsa Estate
VarietySigarar Utang
ProcessFully washed
Altitude1400 masl
RegionSunda, West Java
Sourced byNordic Approach
Harvest2018 - 19

Cupping Notes

Black tea, chamomile, earthy, red apple