There are approximately half a million smallholder coffee farms spread across 500 cooperative societies with approximately 200 large estate owners with 3,000 small/medium coffee estate growers taking the rest of the market. It is estimated that in Kenya 160,000 hectares make up the coffee producing zones. Coffee is Kenya’s fourth leading foreign exchange earner after tourism, tea and horticulture with some 900,000 sixty-kilogram bags produced during the 2015/16 harvest year. It is estimated that six million Kenyans are directly (and indirectly) connected to coffee.

Kenya has two coffee harvesting periods in one year. The “FLY” or early crop which is harvested from September to December and the “MAIN” or late crop harvested from March to July.

The processing method for most Kenyan coffee is fully washed. Ripe cherries are pulped using a disc pulper. Pulped coffee is then fermented for 24-36 hours depending on ambient temperature before being washed in channels to remove the remaining mucilage. Coffee is soaked for another 4 hours and then finally placed on elevated drying tables for up to 20 days to dry.

Partner Information:
Sucafina has been in East Africa since the 1990’s starting in Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda. In 2014, they started operations in Kenya and Tanzania, incorporating Kenyacof and Cotacof now known as “Sucastainability Kenya and Tanzania”.

The Sucastainability companies are farm gate level operations that have successfully established real connections between growers and buyers through productive interaction and the stable supply of quality coffee. And Arabica Trading House looks forward to building a solid partnership with them and many other throughout the region.

Kariru Factory was established in 1986 and now has approximately 3,000 farmers. Kariru is part of Baragwi Cooperative Society, on the outskirts of Kianyaga Town, which is one the largest societies in Kenya, with nearly 12,000 farmers and 12 washing stations (locally called factories). Muchagara, Kagongo, Ruambiti, Karumandi, Nyanja, Kianyaga, Guama, Gachami, Kianjiru, Githiururi and Thimu all make up these factories.

Coffee Kenya Kariru AA
Cooperative Baragwi
Members 3000 small holders
Variety GSL 28 and SL 34
Process Washed
Altitude 1800 m
Region Kirinyaga
Country Kenya
Harvest 2017

Cupping Notes

Tropical fruits, lemon balm, citric acidity