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Mahembe is a privately owned washing station, owned by Justin Musabyiama who also grows his own coffee. Justin grew up in the local area and, after moving away for some time, decided to come back home and invest in the community by building a wet mill on his father’s coffee plantation.

He has an 8-hectare farm of his own, and buys cherries from the surrounding smallholders. This area is not as well known for quality coffees as some other parts of Rwanda, but has great altitudes and an increasing number of farmers growing coffee at the higher altitudes. We have found this coffee to be unique, with differences from other coffees in Rwanda in general, and with great potential.

Justin’s organised operations, plus the work he is doing on the ground to improve quality, gives great results in the cup.

ProducerJustin Musabyiama
FarmSmallholder farmers
ProcessFully washed
Altitude1900 masl
RegionColline Gitsuba, Kamonyi
Sourced byNordic Approach
Harvest2018 - 19

Cupping Notes

Mandarin, pear, sage, tannic