Started in 1979 Cooperativa Cafetalera was made possible by the Agrarian Reforms implemented that same year. Located in the Department of Morazan, in the North-Eastern corner of El Salvador bordering Honduras.

From 2000 the Coop no longer relied on government funding and began to generate a profit from their increasing international exports. The increased availability of capital has allowed them to further invest in the community by building schools and improving the coffee collection facilities.

The coop is trying very hard to build their export market. Through our staff based in Honduras Falcon could build a trading relationship with San Carlos, enabling them to send coffee to England for the first time. Something they are very excited about

The Particular lot is their top quality coop lot. Their in-house cupper evaluated every lot that comes through the mill. Grading happens through green assessment and cupping with quality bands decided by cup score. The lot is an SHG 84+ cup score. They also market 82-84 and 80-82 cup score bands.

The 300 Member farmers cultivate 847 Manzanas of coffee at altitudes between 1100 - 1665 masl. Varieties consist mainly of Bourbon’s, Pacas and some Caturra.

Coffee El Salvador San Carlos
Producer Small producers
Variety Bourbon, Pacas, Caturra
Process Washed
Altitude 1655 m
Region Morazan
Country El Salvador
Harvest 2017

Cupping Notes

Almond, milk chocolate, slight citrus