Coffee Water Temperature Brewing Time
18 g 180 ml 92-94 C  2:00 - 2:10 min.


Whole coffee beans / scale / aeropress / coffee filter paper/ coffee grinder / kettle / mug / wooden spoon / timer / hot water


  1. Grind your coffee beans slightly finer than for filter coffee.
  2. In a kettle, heat water (preferably filtered, alternatively drinking water) to 92- 94°C (do not boil the water then leave it to cool).
  3. Place the filter paper on the perforated filter of the aeropress and screw it in place.
  4. Rinse the aeropress, mug and filter paper thoroughly with hot water (to remove the smell of paper).
  5. Place your mug onto the scale and the aeropress on top.
  6. Using the funnel provided with the aeropress, pour the ground coffee into the aeropress and create a flat bed of coffee by tapping on the sides.
  7. Turn on the scale and start the timer.
  8. Quickly pour 180 ml of hot water over the coffee and mix vigorously for 5 seconds (the coffee should be saturated with water).
  9. Insert the plunger of the aeropress, inserting just the rubber seal into the chamber (this will prevent the water from pouring through without brewing the coffee.)
  10. At 1:45 minutes, remove the plunger and stir for 5 seconds.
  11. Re-attach the plunger, and on the scale, press down slowly (the entire process should not take longer than 2:00-2:10, there should be moderate resistance, and a dome shaped mass of coffee should remain at the end).
  12. If the plunger moves down too quickly and with little resistance, grind your coffee finer next time, conversely, if the plunger moves too slowly the coffee must be ground slightly coarser.
  13. Once all of the water has passed into the mug, you can dilute it by 50% using hot water, or consume as is, if you prefer strong coffee. Milk can also be used to dilute.
  14. Remove the screw from the filter holder and discard all remaining coffee ground. Wash thoroughly with hot water.