Coffee Water Temperature Brewing Time
18 g 30 ml 92.5 C  00:25-00:30 min.


  1. Remove the portafilter (spoon and filter) attached to the coffee machine.
  2. To bring the water in the machine up to brewing temperature, and to heat up the spoon and filter that make up the portafilter, run it under hot water for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Always keep a clean dry towel on hand, and use it to wipe the filter basket.
  4. Align the spoon with the grinder’s nozzle and press the button to dispense ground coffee for the number of seconds required to pour 18 gr of coffee. While the coffee is being poured into the spoon, rotate it from a 3 o’clock position to a 9 o’clock position and back, to ensure an even spread of ground coffee.
  5. When the flow of coffee stops, tap the clamp holding the spoon twice without removing the portafilter. Finally, level out the coffee in the spoon to create a flat surface (but never press the coffee down).
  6. Make sure your tamper is clean and dry.
  7. Clean any excess ground coffee on the edges of the spoon.
  8. Make an angle of about 90 degrees between your upper arm and the spoon, and apply a weight of about 15k g onto the coffee. Then, without lifting the tamper, rotate it one full turn.
  9. Pour water out of the brewing head for 2-3 more seconds.
  10. Attach the spoon to the brewing head and use either a preset or the manual flow button (No more than three seconds should pass between attaching the spoon and pressing the flow button, any longer and the coffee will burn and stick to the filter.)
  11. Immediately place the espresso cup/cups underneath the spoon and filter.
  12. Pay attention to the flow, and in 25-30 seconds, a 25-30ml espresso cup should be filled.