Brew Methods

French Press

Although invented by the French in the 1800s, it was brought into its current form by the Italians. Using the immersion method, the French Press provides a rich and robust coffee experience. This brewing technique, favoured by home users, is one of the oldest known brewing methods. For a clearer result, consider filtering your coffee using a separate filter after brewing.


20 g


300 ml

Water temperature


Brewing time

4:30 DK


  • French Press
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Grinder
  • Spoon
French Press Demleme Tekniği
  1. 1

    Start by weighing 20 g of coffee and grinding it on a coarse setting.


    Preheat the equipment by rinsing it with hot water. *You can save this water for cleaning purposes later.

  2. 3

    Place the French Press on the scale, add the coffee, and reset the scale. Pour all of the water into the French Press at once. Start the timer.


    Stir the coffee with a spoon. If using a metal spoon, remember to preheat it beforehand.

  3. 5

    Place the lid on the French Press’ to slow down cooling, then gently press the filter down until it's just below the water's surface, ensuring all the coffee is immersed.


    During the last 45 seconds of brewing time, slowly push the filter down. For a clearer result, allow the coffee to rest for a moment before pouring it into a glass.

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