Sahibi Değil, Parçası Olduğumuz: Doğa!

Not the Owner, but a Part of It: Nature!

Who do you love more, your mother or father? This is not easy question to answer. The same applies to nature and coffee for us... at Kronotrop we are a part of both!

21 December 2023 by Kronotrop

Not the Owner, but a Part of It: Nature!

Who do you love more, your mother or father? This is not easy question to answer. The same applies to nature and coffee for us... at Kronotrop we are a part of both!

We deeply respect the Earth's soil and natural resources and are committed to upholding sustainable agriculture practices. We carefully select specialty coffee beans from around the world, considering harvest seasons, and our skilled roasters expertly roast them. Throughout this journey, we partner with farms devoted to organic farming, reflecting our shared commitment to honouring nature.

In a consumer driven world, we are committed to being environmentally conscious in everything we do. This dedication is reflected in our use of 100% recyclable paper cups, coffee packages, and consumables in our stores as well as our practice of waste separation and use of energy-efficient roasting machines and filtration systems. Additionally, the paper products in our shops and offices are deliberately chosen for their 100% recyclable nature, aligning with our firm dedication to sustainable practices.

A First in Turkey: Kronotrop's Plant-Based Cups

What Makes Kronotrop Plant-Based Cups So Special?

The paper cups we use at Kronotrop are 100% plant-based, renewable, free from petroleum-based materials, and are a first in Turkey. The paper coil used in their production is PEFC-certified, meaning it is sourced from sustainable and industrial forests. These cups are made of 100% recyclable paper, coated with sugar cane and bio-polyethylene. They do not contain carbon older than a century and utilise a plant-based coating derived from sugar cane to prevent fibres from getting wet due to moisture, ensuring high-quality shaping.

The inner coating, bio-polyethylene, shares similar characteristics with regular polyethylene but is produced from renewable sources, ensuring the sustainability of the raw material. The term "renewable raw materials" refers to the chemical conversion of 100% plant-based products into polyethylene. In this context, plants capable of regrowth within a human lifetime, include sugar cane, potatoes, and corn cobs.

Why Don’t We Use Ordinary Plastic Cups?

Eliminating the use of plastic is not just about reducing waste; it's about preserving nature in its intended state. Recognising this responsibility, both on an individual and societal level, is arguably the initial and crucial step in fostering a sustainable existence. If every person practices sustainable living this legacy can be passed on to future generations. Let’s consider take-away coffee cups from a café: when we discard the plastic cup, which may seem burdensome in the moment, it persists in nature for around 450 years, outlasting our brief interaction with it.

In addition, conventional paper cups, with their petroleum-based plastic inner coating, also pose a threat to all living things, and detrimentally influence the flavour of the beverages they contain.

Let's do an easy experiment! First, you will need to buy any paper cup, and then ask for an empty Plant-Based paper cup from any Kronotrop shop; then, after putting drinking water in both cups and waiting for five minutes, taste the water in both. The difference in taste will be clear.

Using recyclable materials as raw materials allows for significant energy savings. Recycling one ton of plastic packaging waste, for instance, saves approximately 14,000 kWh of energy. To put this into perspective for Turkey, recycling has the potential to save 4 million megawatt-hours annually. Furthermore, reusing used paper in paper manufacturing can lead to a reduction in air pollution by 74-94%, water pollution by 35%, and water use by 45%. Recycling one ton of used paper can prevent the need to cut down 8 trees.

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