Alirio Berdugo (age 55) has been producing specialty coffee in the San Agustin region for the past 6 years. With 2 hectares and approximately 4,900 coffee trees, improving the husbandry of his farm has been key in ensuring a sustainable future for his farm and family. In addition to coffee, yuka and plantains are also produced on the farm as subsistence crops for the farm.

Tabi is the only varietal produced on the Mirador farm. Annually, Alirio and his team of 3 full-time workers produce 3.400 kgs of exportable parchment to Japan, North America and Europe. And although sundried naturals have been his focus, he is looking to introduce honey processing for the 2018/19 harvest season.

This is the first time that Alirio’s Tabi coffees have been imported to West Asia and he has personally sent his thanks to the ATH team for introducing his coffees to local roasters.

Coffee Colombia Mirador Natural
Producer Alirio Berdugo
Farm Mirador
Variety Tabi
Process Sundried natural
Altitude 1800 m
Sourced By Arabica Trading House
Region San Agustin, Huila
Harvest 2017 / 2018

Cupping Notes

peach, honey, oak, blackberry, strawberry, sourcherry juice