Coffee and its thousands of varieties, growing conditions, and processing styles has the potential for hundreds more aromatic compounds than, for example, all of the wine in the world. Producing coffees this flavorful requires a remaking of traditional practices from seed to cup.

As a coffee grower and taste maker, Ninety Plus has been a leader at the forefront of this transformation in our industry since 2007. We develop teams of skilled taste makers in Ethiopia and Panama to handle coffee at every step of our proprietary and sustainable production systems. We plant rare, slow growing, low yielding, forest loving coffee varieties that taste like a range of fruits, flowers, and spices. Each year, we have been honored to produce coffees that are recognized among the best in the world, chosen by numerous national and world champion baristas, and scoring among the highest marks ever in international competitions. Ninety Plus coffees are available internationally through our industry-leading team of Distributor Agents.

Coffee Ethiopia Tchembe
Variety Arabica heirloom
Process Natural
Altitude 1700-2200 masl
Region Gedeo
Country Ethiopia

Cupping Notes

Honeydew, strawberry, papaya, chocolate, creamy mouthfeel