Coffee Water Temperature Boiling Time
22 g 300 ml 80-85 C  3:00 - 3:30 min.


  1. Grind 22 gr of coffee beans slightly coarser than espresso coffee.
  2. Fill the lower reservoir of the moka pot up to the mark with water at 80-85 °C.
  3. Place the filter basket on top of the lower reservoir.
  4. Fill the filter basket with coffee, creating a flat surface of coffee. Shake and smooth out with a finger if necessary, but never press down.
  5. Place the upper part of the moka pot on top. Take care, as the water reservoir will be hot.
  6. Leave the lid off.
  7. Put the pot on a stove on medium heat.
  8. When the pot begins to boil, use a towel soaked in cold water to remove it from the heat and cool it.
  9. Serve in a mug immediately to prevent bitterness.
  10. Dilute with water or milk to taste, or drink plain.