Kronotrop DARK Espresso

Designed for automatic espresso machines



Very fresh coffee is not tasty. What is degassing and how can we ensure the preservation of the coffee’s freshness?

Coffee releases carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases during the one-week period after roasting, and these gases contribute to sour flavors in coffee and leave a dry sensation on the palate.
These gases do not have any negative effects on health, but they can affect the taste experience negatively.
The release of gases decreases day by day, and by the fifth day after roasting, the negative flavors caused by freshness are significantly reduced in brewed filter coffee.
Therefore, we recommend waiting at least 5 days for degassing in our filter roast profiles, and at least 10 days for espresso.
As soon as we roast our coffees, we pack them in airtight, zippered, special coffee bags.
This way, when you don't open the package, the coffee maintains its freshness for 3 months.
After opening the package, store it in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and spices.
Simply keeping the package closed is sufficient for the 250-gram bag you purchased.
If you are transferring it to another container, you can use an airtight jar with a seal or a zippered bag that doesn't allow air in.
Do not refrigerate your coffee, and try to consume it within 2 weeks after opening the package. Brew your coffee as soon as you grind it.
Use a scale. You can check our recipes on our website for brewing recommendations.
Enjoy your coffee.


The Espresso Dark profile is designed especially for our customers who have an automatic espresso machine at home. Roasting our beans to a darker degree ensures that the low-power grinder motors of home-type automatic machines are not strained and can easily grind the beans.

If you are using an automatic espresso machine at home and are looking for a darker flavour, we highly recommend trying our Espresso Dark profile. These beans are also suitable to brew in your Moka pot or Aeropress.

For this profile, we currently only use our favourite Peruvian beans.

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