Guatemala Finca Gascon Honey



Guatemala Finca Gascon Honey


At Finca Gascon we are all about the differentiation we can make in our processing technics for our coffees to be desirable. This is one of those coffees. It is first harvested and selected, then we always float our cherries, that means that we put them in a pile full of water and take out the cherries that stay on top as floaters (lower density beans).

Then the coffee sits for 48 hours in another empty pile, just covered with a net for mosquitoes and insects do not go in. After the oxidation (aerobic fermentation), we de-pulp and put the coffee to dry. During the drying stage it sits for 15 to 18 days in the greenhouse and then we pack it and take it to warehouse. Ready for the dry mill.

Ruanda Bwenda Natural

Region: Antigua
Farm: Finca Gascon
Altitude: 1750 m
Variety: Caturra
Process: Red Honey
Harvest: 2023


Cupping notes;
Berries, mango, dark honey, bakers chocolate

Ruanda Bwenda Natural

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